Denis Reznik

Denis Reznik
Denis is a Data Architect at Intapp, Inc. He has more than ten years experience in software development, database design and performance tuning for cloud and on-premises solutions. In 2010 Denis became Microsoft Data Platform MVP and maintains the MVP status till now. Apart from his professional career, Denis actively participates in the development of Ukrainian SQL Community and holds the status of PASS Regional Mentor for Central and Eastern Europe.

schedule AzureDay

9th of September

Denis Reznik
16:00 - 17:00
Azure SQL Database, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, HDInsight, Storage, Cosmos DB, what the heck should I choose?

language: Russian
Well, yeah, there are so many options to store and operate your data in Azure that it is very easy to get lost in a crowd of technologies. The purpose of this session is to give you a glimpse about the scenarios where each of these Azure services will be better suited than the others.