Illya Reznykov

Illya Reznykov
I have 20+ years of programming, 10+ years of experience in the full cycle of ERP system developing, 5+ years of experience in the integration between processing and technological data systems. Mainly my expertise is related to Microsoft's technologies. I am using Azure in projects since 2014.

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8th of September

Illya Reznykov
9:00 - 17:00
Create Api App with authentication and web jobs

language: Russian
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  1. Introduction:
    1. Acquaintance;
    2. Course overview;
    3. Set up environment, check required software.
  2. Prepare environment:
    1. Create Azure resource group;
    2. Create Azure storage;
    3. Create App Service plan;
    4. Check AAD.
  3. Data source and model library:
    1. Create Azure SQL server;
    2. Create database project;
    3. Deploy to Azure SQL database as data-tier application;
    4. Connect to SQL Azure from Visual Studio, check data;
    5. Create class library;
    6. Add data models with Entity Framework.
  4. API app - basic:
    1. Overview;
    2. Types of web apps, app plan, pricing;
    3. Create App plan and API app;
    4. Tune swagger package;
    5. Launch local instance, deploy to Azure.
  1. API app - intermediate:
    1. Add models from SQL database;
    2. Create new controllers;
    3. Deploy to Azure;
    4. Create Asp.Net MVC site as consumer;
    5. Add Rest service;
    6. Deploy Asp.Net MVC site to Azure;
    7. Check Rest API.
  2. Web jobs - basics:
    1. Overview;
    2. Create console application that convert images;
    3. Update application to convert image in storage;
    4. Discuss possible triggers;
    5. Convert console application to web job;
    6. Deploy to API app to Azure;
    7. Check web job.
  1. Web jobs - intermediate:
    1. Add logging;
    2. Add async methods;
    3. Debug web jobs.
  2. API app - advanced:
    1. Add authentication with Easy Auth;
    2. Create AAD application;
    3. Add authorize attribute.
  3. Web jobs - advanced:
    1. Create new web job with trigger;
    2. Consume API app from web job;
    3. Create AAD application for web job;
    4. Check results.
  4. Conclusions.